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Take Benefit


  • BANKING – booming industry fueled by government security regulations
  • COMMERCIAL SECTORS – No one can ignore the increased number of offerings for entry-level cameras and equipment. Indonesia’s big cities if now filled with supermarkets and shopping malls which demand electronic security.
  • PORTS & AIRPORTS – The big ongoing projects since Indonesia is an archipelago country, with more than 17,000 islands. Indonesian government will boost capital spending to ($140 billion) in 2013 to solve infrastructure bottlenecks and spur growth. These infrastructure projects include the development of 14 airports, which will be significant for surveillance and access control players.
  • PRISONS – Over capacity prisons by around 75%, new prisons are planned to be build.
  • IP Uptake – Indonesian customers are looking at IP solutions and network cameras for surveillance. 
  • RE-EQUIPPING EMERGENCY SERVICES – Possible renewal of Fire Fighting and other emergency services.
  • MARITIME SECURITY – border protection and protection of shipping by the Coast Guard
  • BORDER CONTROL –Priority of policing the 6,000 inhabited islands among its 17,000 islands and its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) comprises the entirety of its internal waters.
  • COURTS / FORENSICS – growing recognition for the need to convict based on forensics
  • HOTELS – Continuing hotel boom in many islands and cities in the country set for expansion in the hotel trade.
  • OIL AND GAS / MINING – A strong requirement for security solutions in line with global corporate policy.


  • Indonesia is home to 269 million people, making it the fourth populous country in the world and the largest economy is Southeast Asia.
  • As the world’s largest archipelago covering more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is surrounded by the maritime boundaries of 8 countries, this creates enormous issues concerning border security.
  • The Outlook for the Indonesian economy is stable.
  • Inflation is low.
  • National reserves are larger.
  • Investment climate and communications have been favorable.
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